Water Tanks Nelson.  Water Tanks Nelson. Water Tanks Nelson.

Tanks and effluent water systems in Nelson

In addition to our wide range of pumps, Pumps Nelson also specialises in tanks and effluent water systems. We’re able to supply a variety of tanks of different purposes and capacities tailored to your needs. Get in touch with our team for expert tank advice and knowledgeable services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Pressure Tanks

The Pumps Nelson team can supply a full range of pressure tanks, available from a 1-litre tank through to a 450-litre tank. Ideal for homes, caravans, motor homes and a range of other applications, these pressure tanks are made from high quality and sturdy carbon steel. The insides are completely sealed with quality food grade materials. Our pressure tanks carry a 5-year warranty for your piece of mind.
View of the pressure tanks

Advantages Of Tanks

Our tanks provide a wide range of advantages and benefits. Providing a buffer zone between your home and your pump, tanks are able to even out water surges and protect your system from possible complications and malfunctions. 

Tanks work to prolong the life of your pump, giving you a more reliable and long-lasting water system.

Our Water tanks

View of tanks supplied by pumps nelson

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