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Expert effluent pumps and tanks services in Nelson

Pumps Nelson is Nelson’s trusted team of effluent pumps and tanks services. Providing a wide range of quality pumps, tanks, filtering equipment and water systems advice, our experienced and knowledgeable team is able to help you find the ideal product for your unique situation. We specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial service needs for a variety of purposes and applications.

What We Do

The Pumps Nelson team is able to assist in the sales and installation of effluent pumps and tanks. Beneficial for effluent systems, our products help to break up materials to prevent solids causing blockages in your water systems. 

Our experienced team is able to recommend the ideal product for your needs, minimising complications and blockages in your water systems.
View of the product installed by experts


We stock the Yardmaster Impeller, designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. Excellent at breaking down matter to pass through smoothly, the deflecting shaft of the Yardmaster Impeller can move up to ½” either side of the centre, allowing the impeller to ‘walk’ over obstacles until cleared. Smaller models have a by-pass system that forces liquid and solids around the pump head, cutting away lumps that could obstruct the main flow. The motors of the pumps are mounted above and away from any moisture or obstructions. No special fittings or guards are needed. The pumps can be provided for belt driven, hydraulic, air, petrol and diesel power drives. Please note that full modification options are available to suit your specific requirements.

For more on our impellers and effluent pumps 
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